Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

BLAQ% Tour Jakarta 30 June 2012

Wow last night so awesome 
me and my friends attend MBLAQ concert in Jakarta,MEIS Ancol Beach City
they're so awesome and Handsome off course  >/////< and sing 24 hits song Like Monalisa,Cry,I'ts war etc

solo stage by the other member like G.O and Mir they perform 'WILD' for 1st time in Jakarta 
Oh my God 
I can't stop screaming when Cheondoong solo stage with great dance and stylist costume <3 and FYI dungie sing it for first time too <3
and Yang Leader seungho give us another solo stage,playing piano and solo dance >///<
Mir with energic solo stage so so GREAT!!! 

when song 'YOU'RE MY +' , all of us lift up our handbanner with slogan "WE ARE YOUR +" Oh My God we sing and have fun Together

they promise to us for comeback to Jakarta next year..
Oppadeul I keep your Promise OK
Lets we have fun Together Next Year~ we will miss you


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